Standalone web-app

The lastest version of Harmonicarium is available on GitHub:

Download the Last Version

You must run it with Google Chrome or Chromium. Just open “index.html”.

Controller keymaps

In order to establish which keys of the MIDI keyboard are “fundamental tones” and which are “harmonic tones”, you have to load a “controller keymap”. Harmonicarium already has a default keymap on startup.

In the /keymaps/_mapping-tools/ folder there is the “keymapping-tool.xlsx” that can be used to generate keymaps without risk of making mistakes.

Other maps can be found on the /keymaps/n-edx/ctrl/ .

Impulse Response convolution reverbs libraries

The minimal synthesizer inside the Harmonicarium has a convolution reverb to make the output sound more pleasant. A pre-loaded file is already present at startup but the user can upload the one he prefers.

Download your favorite IR convoluion reverb files and create your personal library. The /ir/ folder can be used for this purpose.

With Harmonicarium you can load any IR reverb in WAV format.

More infos:
Free reverb resources – Where to find impulse responses (by Propellerheads)

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