Thanks to the Internet Global Community.

For their support and the long talks about sound, music and ICT, a special thanks goes to:

  • Stefano Bersanetti (Sound & electrical engineer – Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories)
  • Giovanni Bortoluzzi (Overtone singer – Sherden Overtone Singing School)
  • Alberto Ezzu (Musicoterapist)
  • Marco Groppo (Software developer)
  • Alessio Gerace (Software developer)

To let me know about the work of the young Amelia Rosselli, thanks to Deborah Ricetti.

Thanks to the following people for their works across the music theory and technology:

  • Carlo Serafini (thesis: Tecnologia e Sistemi di Accordatura)
  • Jeff X. Scott (LMSO – Li’l Miss’ Scale Oven)
  • Aaron Andrew Hunt (H-Pi Instruments)
  • Manuel Op de Coul (SCALA)
  • Miller S. Puckette (Pure Data)
  • Victor Cerullo (Max Magic Microtuner)
  • Benjamin Frederick Denckla (thesis: Dynamic Intonation for Synthesizer Performance)
  • Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts)
  • Robert Walker (Tune Smithy)
  • Mark Henning (TUN file format)
  • Joe Monzo and Chris Wittmann (Tonescape / Tonalsoft Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music-theory)
  • Bill Gannon and Shelly Kantrow (Justonic)

For their works around the Web Audio and MIDI API, thanks to:

  • Chris Wilson (Google, W3C – Web Audio/MIDI API evangelist)
  • Stuart Memo (Qwerty Hancock)
  • Evan Sonderegger (Web Audio Peak Meter)

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